Adinco is a vibrant family-owned boutique distillery which prides itself in producing alcoholic beverages of the highest quality. Adinco has been nurtured by four generations of the Diniz family. It all began in the late 1800s when Aleixo Diniz first started distilling Feni in his house at Quepem, Goa, on the west coast of India. Adinco was however formally established only in the year 1970 by the enterprising Alleluia Diniz and in the year 2000 he set up a production unit. Till date all of Adinco's brands are produced in the very same house that Aleixo Diniz had started.

With infrastructure in place, it was time for the fourth generation of the Diniz family to take Adinco and their products a notch higher. A family board room meeting later it was decided that Adinco's brands should have a distinct identity in the global alcohol market. One of Adinco's strategic priorities is to add exotic premium categories to its portfolio,and to be recognized as a brand builder. Adinco understands the importance of innovation as a catalyst to growth, and so began the process of careful and systematic experimentation with a variety of ingredients, aging and blends.

Today Adinco's brands are a delight to the consumers who were accustomed to a limited range of products. India's booming middle class has welcomed the taste of smooth, aged and mixable brands with elegant packaging to go.


Adinco has a presence in India, United States, Canada, Russia, Sierra Leone and are on the verge of entering Bhutan and Mainland China.