Ti Connie Sambuca Liqueur

The Greek word Sambuca was first used as the name for another elderberry liquor that was created in Civitavecchia about 130 years ago. Ti Connie Sambuca is flavoured with 100% natural oils obtained from Anise. Ti Connie Sambuca may be served neat. It may also be served on the rocks or with water, resulting in the Ouzo effect from the anethole in the Anise.

Ti Connie Sambuca particularly goes well with coffee. Like any other Anise Liqueurs, it may be consumed after coffee as a ammazzacaffè or added directly to coffee in place of sugar.

Serving Suggestions

The most iconic serving of Sambuca is a shot with three coffee beans, called Con La Mosca, which means ‘with the fly’. The three coffee beans are said to represent health, happiness and prosperity. The shot may be ignited to toast the coffee beans with the flame extinguished immediately before drinking.

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